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This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius….

Everyone who knows me well knows that I love music. My life is lived to a soundtrack and I can pretty much tell you what was going on in my life and what I was feeling when I hear a song from way-back-when. My friend Kathryn and I used to break out into song at the drop of a hat during most any situation. She is one of the few people in my life who have the same “soundtrack to my life” kind of thing going on.

A couple of days ago, Bella and I decided to watch the movie “Hair”. It’s a pretty old movie (made in 1979) and I used to LOVE to watch it. I know my mom didn’t ever watch it because if she had, she would have never let me watch it – mostly due to some of the topics (and lyrics) in the movie. Aside from the naughty things in the movie…that movie really calls to me on a base level. I think it’s the wild-child freedom of the 60’s it portrays. That’s why music is such a part of my life. I am a flower-child born just a little too late. I have always been a free spirit…just a little different from everyone around me. I have a tendency to be a little crazy. I know a lot of people around don’t know that about me, because I’ve learned to hide it pretty well when the situation calls for it. But ask the people who know me best and they’ll agree. There’s just something not right about me.

Looking back at my life, I can see God’s grace in this too…

First off, being such a free-spirit, I definitely needed a firm hand on me growing up. God chose the perfect family to adopt me. It consisted of a father who was a nice straight-laced auditor and a quiet, demure, godly mother (think June Cleaver only even sweeter!). Even though I was raised in California, it was in a small, upscale, sleepy little town called Redlands. We walked to school past the orange groves, came home to home-baked chocolate chip cookies, and played in the back alley until my dad whistled for us to come home for dinner. Sometimes my quiet parents probably wondered what they had gotten into with this lively, free spirit that they brought home.

Second, God gave me a love of music. It always grounded me back where I needed to be when I was flitting around. It makes me happier when I’m sad, it calms me, it excites me. When God drew me to Him, music definitely taught me deep truths and allowed me to worship Him with wild abandon. It even gave me a place to plug in and get to know people via singing in the Adult Choir. There are not many strong memories in my life that don’t include music. I love that I can still hear a song I heard as a child or teenager and I can feel those feelings like it is right now. It gives me a way to remember the important things in my life.

So that being said, I’m going to turn on some music right now. I think a nice, eclectic mix of worship, contemporary Christian, old rock, a smidge of country, and a little sprinkle of pop should do the trick. Who’s ready to dance?


There’s an Old Flame Burning…

Country music is really an old love that has popped back up into my life recently. When we lived in Mississippi in 1994-95, country music stations were about it. I’m a big music person, so I just jumped right into country and for the most part loved it. When we moved on back to Alabama, there were more choices, so I mixed things up a bit.

Country music pretty much fell off the chart at that point. There were occasional artists that would catch my attention. For example, I’ve been a Faith Hill fan since my Mississippi days. Same with the Mavericks. In fact, our whole family loves the Mavericks, including both kids, and we can pretty much pop in a cd and sing along with every song.

Recently, the Rick and Bubba show moved from Y102 to WLWI in the mornings. After they go off at 10:00 a.m. I always forget to change the station. In the past, this would mean I would listen to Y102 for awhile until I finally noticed or something on the station would get on my nerves. Well, as you can imagine (my mind being what it is), I continued to forget to change the station after the move. Low and behold, I began hearing old songs and remembering how much I loved them, as well as getting turned on to some great new artists.

Some I’m so excited about that I’m kind of mad at all these people who I tell about them who seem to have known about them for years. Come on guys – you can’t share?

So I won’t be “that guy” here are a few I would like to share with you.

Zac Brown Band – This is probably my favorite band right now.  I started liking them for “As She’s Walking Away” with Alan Jackson. But when I googled them, I found out that they actually sing several songs that I’ve grown to love over the past couple of months.  Like “Whatever It Is” and “Chicken Fried”.

Sugarland – I think that Sugarland is just plain fun.  If you don’t believe me, go on YouTube and watch the video for “Stuck Like Glue”.  It’s simply hilarious.  I love a band that has a sense of humor and can totally make fun of themselves.  It also doesn’t hurt that Jennifer Nettles can sing like nobody’s business.  Just good, clean fun folks.

Luke Bryan – He has the “good old boy who is really cute but probably not really good” thing going on.  Which I totally get (you should have known Bud back in the 80’s).  He also can sing and did I mention I can write as well.  Not only did he sing and write the song “Rain is a Good Thing” (which I love), but he also wrote the song, “Good Directions” which is one of my all-time favorites.  He writes really down-to-earth songs.

There are a ton of others both old and new (I’m really starting to like Lady Antibellum, Uncle Kracker, and Darius Rucker, too), but these are some of my current favorites.

OK…everybody get to sharing…