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The Land of Broken Items…

So, after writing a nice post about waiting, I make everyone wait by not writing another  one for 6 weeks.  What a dirty trick!  Well, please know that it hasn’t been intentional and I’ll tell you why.

I have apparently fallen into the land of broken items.  It all started after Bud left.  I have said that I think the house and everything in it felt a change in the force when Bud left.  Seriously, we have had more things break and need repair than I can ever remember having at one time.   Just a short list of the things that jump out:

  • Leak in the pipe going into the hot water heater
  • Stove quit working – this was actually on its last legs before Bud left, but decided to give up the ghost.
  • Handle on the microwave broke off
  • Iron broke
  • Shutter on the front of the house fell off
  • Battery died in the Elantra
  • Valance fell down and, in so doing…
  • Broken window

I’m sure that we have had months of the same type of thing before, but I can’t remember when.  I’m sure usually it’s not such a big deal because Bud is pretty handy around the house and usually takes care of it all for us.  I miss his handy little self, right now!

And the thing is there are plenty of nice guys at church that can and will help.  Joey is also pretty handy and helps where he can.  And I’m not completely helpless either…a lot of this I took care of on my own.

I think what is so frustrating to me is that every time something like this happens, it shows me how much I miss my hubby being here.

Hopefully, our family is moving out of the land of broken items soon.

Just writing and then reading what I wrote above, I feel kind of bad even posting it.  In light of the fact that hundreds, probably even thousands of people right now in our state are doing without in light of the tornadoes earlier in the week, it seems really petty to mention my few broken items.

I know that I am really blessed to have all I have.  Even in my frustration when things break, I know that there are so many out there that are less fortunate than I.  My heart has been heavy for the last couple of days from thinking about all that has been lost by so many.  And not only material objects, but lives as well.

I know that this recent tragedy makes me turn once again to God and thank him for his provision every day.  And maybe even thank him for the land of broken items…which in itself is a blessing that makes me realize how much my handyman husband means to me.