My Journey Along the Narrow Way


The thoughts in my mind lately have been swirling around like confetti, so I’m going to let it all come bursting forth:

* This morning I woke up to the news that Bud will not be coming home in the next few days as we thought but may be in Korea until sometime in November.  This was a huge disappointment for both of us.  And (as those who have read previous blog posts know) I’m not very good at waiting.  While Bud is still pretty irate about the whole lack of communication related to their trip home, I’m more trying to see this as an opportunity.  I am hoping this will give me a little more time to be firmly established in Weight Watchers and exercise before Mr. Betty Crocker comes home and gets to baking.  There are also several projects around the house I would like to tackle to jazz the place up before Bud comes home again.

* I walked/ran my first 5K ever last Saturday!!!  I was SO excited because I really wasn’t sure this was something I would be able to do.  I was extremely nervous before the race began.  I did pretty good until right after mile 1 and then I had a few moments of the “I can’t possibly do this”‘s before I decided that I just needed to ask God to help me endure and persevere.  I figured that is a big theme in the Bible (although it’s mostly related to our faith), so I figured learning to persevere may be something He would be willing to help me with.  I’ll have to say that crossing the finish line was amazing.  I was so thrilled to have made it, I even forgot to look at the time.  Thank goodness someone did and told me I was right around the 48 minute timeframe.  I know I still have a long ways to go, but I’m so jazzed about this now.

* This fall feeling weather tonight is really getting me in the mood to decorate with some nice fall colors.  I’ve also decided that now that I’ve broken in my new sewing machine helping Bella make her Star Trek uniform shirt, I’m ready to really get going on some pillow slip covers and curtains for my living room.  I’m so excited to have the machine because I’ve always wanted to make things for my house and was severely lacking without a sewing machine.  I also just discovered a cool pattern to make reusable pads for your Swiffer Wet Jet, and everyone knows I’m all about saving some money on stuff like this.  As soon as I can find some old cloth diapers, or buy some new cloth diapers, I’m going to be whipping up some of those.  I’m sure I will be putting some project pictures up on my blog as soon as I get some done.

* I am really loving my new job!  It is a great job for me because it deals with patients (which I love), is new and different and exciting every day, and requires a lot of organization which is “my thing”.  I have met so many really great people and learned so much in just six short months.  It’s wonderful to look back and see all the jobs I have had before now and the skills I learned in them being used for this job.  I am so thankful that God has put me here at this time in my life.

* The new mattress that I bought a month or so ago…I LOVE IT!  It is possibly the most comfortable mattress I’ve slept on in who knows how long.  And the best part – I can now leave my bedroom door open during the day because my bed is high enough that my little short-legged furry friends can’t jump on my bed.  I used to have to always keep my bedroom door closed as they would get up and were getting my bedspread dirty all the time.  This resulted in a somewhat stuffy/non-aired-out room.  I love being able to keep the door open.  I also love having to invite help up a dog if I want them up there.  If I don’t want them up there, they stay down. 

* Oh, and by the way…War Eagle!!!


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  1. Congratulations!

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