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I Know…I Know…

I know I haven’t blogged in awhile. And yes, I do have an excuse! I have been getting ready to travel to Southeast Asia. As most of you know, we are leaving this Saturday (10/10/09)!

I am currently doing last minute things for the trip, plus trying to get Bud and Joey taken care of for the 11 days that we will be gone. I will, however, have a lot of stuff to blog about once I get back.

I did want to go ahead and put a few thoughts down about my trip to Washington, DC for the 9/12 Rally.

bud and debeyBud and I had a wonderful time at the Rally. We even had a good time together riding there and back on the Patriot Bus!

I have never seen so many people in my life as I did at that rally. There was just a sea of people as far as I could see any way I looked.

We met tons of really nice, friendly, like-minded people. We met a bunch of Christians. It was amazing how courteous and genuinely friendly everyone there was. Of course, with the exception of most of the DC residents I met. They were pretty much all rude. There was one woman on the Metro who wanted to know why the heck we were there but then told us to have a good time and enjoy the city. bud

Probably the best memory of the whole trip was walking down Constitution surrounded by a mass of people and everyone singing “God Bless America”. It just gave me chills.

The signs were also great! You can check my facebook to see a whole album of GREAT signs.


Anyway…please pray for us while we are gone on our trip (10/10-10/21/09). I’ll see everyone soon!