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Right Where I Am…

Lately I have been thinking about life and just how hard it seems most of the time.  It seems the longer I go along, the harder things become.  Now I finally understand why people long for the “good old days” because looking back it certainly seems like everything was much easier when I was younger.

But maybe it really wasn’t easy.  I don’t think it seemed easy at the time.  I think I just tend to forget the problems, frustrations, and day-to-day grind that was as much of the past as it is today.   If I really think hard I can remember my car not working, not having enough money to pay the bills, the baby crying all night and still having to get up and go to work in the morning.  I remember some days crying on the way to work because I didn’t want to drop off my baby at the sitter and then also remember almost feeling a giddy sense of freedom some mornings after dropping the same baby off.  I remember thinking that “someday” life would get easier.

I think this is a problem that a lot of us struggle with.  Not being really content where we are but always thinking if I was…richer, skinnier, stayed at home, more educated, better dressed…you name it…I would be happier and things would be easier.  But guess what?  Thinking like that we are never content.

I look back and realize I have wasted so much time not just living, being content, and enjoying this moment.  And there really are so much in this moment to enjoy.

Both my adult children live at home right now.  While this can certainly be a source of stress sometimes, this is also a blessing.  There will be a time…not too far in the future… where they will no longer live in our home.  That era of our life will be over forever.  I will miss them being here.  I need to enjoy the little moments while they are here.

My furniture has dog hair on it.  While this also can be a source of stress to me, I need to realize that my furniture has hair on it because I have three wonderful, loving, funny basset hounds that I love dearly.  There will come a time when each of them will leave us.  I will miss them terribly.  So what if there is shedded hair on the furniture.

I think that instead of looking back to what is gone (my babies are all grown up)…or looking forward to something new (grandbabies!)…I need to enjoy right where God has placed me at this moment in my life.  Is where I am really just happenstance or an accident?  No…it’s where I am meant to be right now for whatever purpose and plan God has for me.  And He would like for me to enjoy this time and experience for what it is, not what it could be, or what is missing.

I saw a sign that said, “Enjoy the little things because one day you will wake and realize those were the big things.”  I resolve to enjoy the little things and learn to be content right where I am.



The Big Trip….

A couple of weeks ago I was simultaneously loading the dishwasher, putting clean dishes up, and wiping off the counter while Bud, Joey, and his friend Will were in the den talking and, in the case of Will and Joey, playing video games.

Bud was rushing me to hurry up with the dishes because he was ready to run to the grocery store and get groceries.

As is usually the case in our house, there were a couple of dogs thrown into the mix.

Our dogs believe that our dishwasher is an all-you-can-eat buffet that I’m too mean to let them partake in. They get so put out with me because while they are trying to lick off the plates, I find their long, long basset hound ears very convenient tools for getting them to move.

Because I’m such a mean person and won’t let them lick the plates, they think they have to race over to the dishwasher and get as much licked as possible before I start grabbing and pulling.

me n beauSo there I am…in a hurry as usual, trying to get a multitude of tasks done at once, and not paying attention. I opened the dishwasher to put a plate in and Beau the basset hound comes flying up behind me to get a lick in.

This actually was a great strategy for Beau since he usually isn’t one of the ones I have to yank out of the dishwasher. Therefore, I didn’t have a clue he was lurking around. I turned around to wipe the counter and he was right there….between my feet. Down I go as only a big girl can!

And there was no recovery of my footing, no flailing arms, just down to the ground.

I landed flat on my back. Straight onto the tile floor. And it was loud too. Beau sauntered by me and didn’t even miss a beat. He didn’t even bother to pause or check to see why I was on the floor…he just walked on by.

Bud came running around the breakfast bar and I’ll have to hand it to him, he was doing a pretty good job of looking concerned and not laughing. I, however, was hysterically laughing as I laid there. As were Will and Joey. Of course, Bud couldn’t hold out for long and starting laughing as well.

Bud got me up and we went ahead and went grocery shopping. I will have to admit that on the way home I got stiffer and stiffer. I was what the old people call “stove up” for a few days but not worse for wear.

I really hope the next time I take a Big Trip I’ll actually go somewhere else besides the kitchen floor.

Have a Smoke On Me…

A few years back, Bud really got into smoking cigars. He absolutely loved to smoke them. He actually still does but is more limited financially to buy them.

When Bud was really into the cigars, he became friends with one of the guys that ran one of the cigar shops in Montgomery. One day this guy, Keith, let Bud know that he had a private collection of Opus X cigars. These cigars are only made in a limited amount so they are hard to come by. Keith offered to let Bud buy two of the Opus X’s out of his private stash at the tune of $27.00 a piece.

Of course, I was not happy he spent $54.00 on cigars but he assured me that this was the only time he would do that.

So…all week Bud was thinking about when he would get to smoke his cigars. Finally the weekend came and Bud got his cigars out of his humidor. He set them on the table and went to find his cutter and the blow torch he called a lighter.

When he came back, the cigars were gone! We searched for them and low and behold, there was Bailey, one of our basset hounds face to the wall in the corner steadily eating something, which turned out to be said cigars.



Bud, understandably, went ballistic. By the time he got the cigars from Bailey, they were in pretty bad shape. I’ll have to hand it to Bud, he did still try to smoke one. However, there were so many holes in the cigar that smoke was just pouring out of all of them.

Bud eventually broke Bailey of cigars by “shotgunning” her with one which drove her nuts.

The funny thing is that a few weeks ago Bud bought a cigar to smoke (granted a cheap one) and sat in the glider out front to smoke it. Bailey and the other bassets came to the door to see what was up and the second Bailey got a wiff of cigar smoke, she took off running and wouldn’t come near the door again. I guess she’s not a fan of cigars anymore.

I Once Was Lost, But Now I’m Found….

We have a sweet, sweet basset hound by the name of Beau. Unlike our other doggies, we got Beau in a unique manner.

Me and Beau - 2008

Me and Beau - 2008

On the 4th of July a few years ago, we were invited to go to a friend’s house to celebrate Independence Day. As usual, Bud and I had forgotten to pick up something we needed to take with us so we decided to stop by Oaktree and pick it up. As we drove up to Oaktree, Bud saw a basset hound sitting under the flower rack at the front of the store.

As we walked up to where the dog was, we noticed that something was going on with the dog. He seemed to be panting hard and foaming at the mouth. We were concerned that the dog might have rabies or had been struck by a car or something.

Besides all this, he was a really sweet, friendly doggie. He interacted with us. But we could see he must have been a stray for awhile because he was extremely thin, his coat was unkempt, and he was dirty.
I started crying and Bud sent me into the store to get the things we needed and to try and find some water for the dog. I quickly picked up our stuff and found a worker who brought a bowl with some water out for the doggie. By the time I got back outside, the dog seemed to be calmer and over whatever was wrong with him when we first arrived.

Now we could really see what a sweet personality this dog had. We tried to call the humane shelter but they were closed (thank goodness!). Bud and I decided at this point to take the dog home and at least take care of him until we could get in touch with someone at the humane shelter the next day. So we took him home, into the nice cool air-conditioned house, put him in our bathroom with some blankets on the floor to sleep on, and brought him some food and water. We then had to leave to go on to our friend’s house.
All day I thought of this poor creature. On the way home that evening, Bud and I wondered if this dog would even be alive when we got home, but we were glad that no matter what, at least he had some food and water and a comfortable place in which to rest.

Beau in his usual sleeping position

Beau in his usual sleeping position

When we got home, the dog was still alive and actually seemed to be in much better shape. Bella had returned home by that time and she and I decided that we had to do something to clean him up and get rid of the fleas we could see on his skinny little body. So we filled up the bathtub and started to give him a bath. As soon as we started washing him with flea shampoo, dead fleas begin floating in the bathtub. We determined that there were a lot on his tail so I set about washing that. As I held it up and scrubbed up and down, blood was pouring down his tail as were thousands of fleas. You could tell that the dog just loved the bath. And as soon as we started drying him off, he seemed to feel so much better. During his bath, we also noticed some signs of abuse, including an area of skin that no hair would grow on from where he had apparently been chained up.

After his bath, we took him into the living room with the other dogs, to start getting him acquainted with everyone. He seemed very shy and kept hiding behind the recliner, but we persisted and soon our other two basset hounds Bailey and Blossom had started the slow process of friendship.
That night we fed him again and then put a doggie bed in the corner of our bedroom and let him sleep with us. In the middle of the night I woke up and decided to check on him. He was sound asleep on the doggie bed on his back with all four feet straight up in the air. I think that is when I fell in love with him! In the morning I told Bud to go take down all the “Found Dog” flyers he had put up the night before while we were giving the dog a bath. He was ours and we named him Beauregard.

Beau, as we call him, is a wonderful dog. He is so happy to be here and loves us so much. He really brings us so much joy everyday.

So…why am I telling you all about Beau in my post? Because Beau is such a picture of God’s seeking and saving us. Like Beau, we were dirty, sick, and helpless. But God, in His wonderful mercy, saw us in our dirtiness and our need and loved us anyway. Romans 5:8 says, “But God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Like Beau, we could do nothing to help ourselves. Like Beau we would just lie in our dirtiness until someone came and helped us.

Bella & Beau - Merry Christmas

Bella & Beau - Merry Christmas

Every time I see Beau, I think of this wonderful truth. And think of the words to a well-loved hymn….”Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now I’m found, was blind but now I see.”