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The Yard Sale…

For several months, Bella and I have been trying to have a yard sale – partly to help her raise money for her trip but also so we could start decluttering our house.  After several failed attempts when the weather was not so cooperative, we decided that this Saturday was it, no matter what.  For one thing, the yard sale items have been in our dining room and Bella’s bedroom for months and we were both sick of walking around and looking at all this stuff.  So, we (and by we, I mean Bella) advertised at several places and prepared to have a sale.

As usual, we had way too much stuff.  I am constantly amazed at how much stuff we accumulate.  So we hauled all of it out, hung it up or put it on tables, and waited for the morning to come. Thankfully we have learned to put everything on tables in our carport so we can just carry those out first thing in the morning.  (Can you tell we aren’t really morning people?)

Bella and I decided to get up around 5:30 a.m. to have time to get dressed and set everything out in the front yard.  I have been suffering from insomnia so I woke around 2:30 a.m. so I was already awake by the time the alarm went off.  By 6:00 a.m. we were setting up and already had several customers.

The sale went along well with waves of people coming by.  We did feel like we may have been scammed a little bit by a cute little old lady with a cane, but she was a little old lady so we didn’t mind too much.  She ended up buying a whole basket of bibs that Bella made for 10 cents each.  Bella wasn’t really wanting to sell them that cheap but after her story of volunteering part-time with handicapped kids, we just couldn’t say no.  She may have taken us for a ride but after watching her take approximately 10 minutes to hobble down the driveway, we didn’t have the heart to feel scammed.

We did not have “Ponytail” come by (like our friend a protagonist usually does. see, but we did have a couple of interesting people show up.

First off there was the carful of four ladies who decided to look at our offering of clothing.  I had taken a rope and run it between the two columns on my front porch to create a clothesline to hang the clothes up by size.  This line was in front of my house directly in front of the front door.  We left the door behind open with just the screen closed so we could go in and out as needed.  Bella noticed that a couple of the women had gone behind the clothes on the porch in front of the screen door and were steadily trying on clothes.  These women were stripping down to underwear to do this.  What you need to understand is that you could totally see them on either side, plus anyone looking at clothes could look straight through and see them.  Also, they may not have realized that anyone inside looking out the screen door could see them quite clearly (and Joey was inside the house at the time!).  However, they didn’t seem to care who saw them.  With the clothes being priced at $1.00 per item, I really didn’t see the need to provide a dressing room but apparently I may need to rethink this decision next sale.

My favorite customer was the next one.  She came in search of clothes too apparently.  I’ved never seen anyone who could work a rack of clothes like she did.  And all with a lit cigarette hanging out of the side of her mouth.  She ended up choosing a black, loose knit shrug that I was selling and a hot pink and black belt that looked like a piano keyboard that Bella was selling.  She brought her total haul, which amounted to $1.50, up to pay.  We told her the price and she proceeded to pull a full-sized Crown Royal bag from her bra.  It was full of change and various other items and I’m still not quite sure where it was hidden before she brought it out.  Really?

I just know I’m going to see Ms. Crown Royal out and about sporting that shrug and belt sometime in the future.  Complete with cigarette.  Kind of makes me rethink some of my clothing choices.

All in all, we made around $1,000,000 $250.00!  Pretty good for a bunch of stuff and as hard work as it was, it was actually fun as well.  This may become a every six month or year kind of thing to keep the clutter at bay.