My Journey Along the Narrow Way

You may remember I just did a post about missing Halloween.  Well, it turns out I miss Thanksgiving too, but not for the same reasons.

Unlike Halloween, there aren’t many people who don’t like Thanksgiving.  I mean there’s lots of food, family, lots of food, football, lots of food…welll you get the point.  What’s not to love?

There is, however, one group of people who seem to dispise Thanksgiving.  Notice I said people, not turkeys.  Obviously turkeys aren’t too fond of Thanksgiving, and for good reason.  The people I’m speaking of would be the retailers.

When I was a child there was a nice progression of holidays in the stores.  First we had October and Halloween.  Next came November and Thanksgiving.  Finally, December and Christmas followed by the New Year.

It was so nice to be able to fully immerse yourself in the season, decorate, enjoy it, all before moving into the next holiday.  Every season had it’s place and nothing was rushed.  Now Halloween is big then it seems November 1st – here comes Christmas.  (Speaking of each holiday having it’s month then moving on, what is with the people who keep their Christmas trees up way into January and beyond.  Ah, but that’s a rant for another day.)

I know the retail establishment likes to jump from one money-maker to the next but I HATE it.  For one thing, I am absolutely sick of Christmas music by mid-December because I have been hearing it so long.  For another, I think as affluent a nation as we are, we definitely need to take 30 days in November to really reflect on and thank God for all the blessing we have been given.

Now I’m not hating in Christmas, I LOVE Christmas, I just miss Thanksgiving.  The only advantage to rushing the process I’ve found so far is getting any new Thanksgiving decorations I want at 66% off on November 1st since Hobby Lobby already has them discounted to make room for Christmas.  That is definitely a plus in my book.

Well the retailers can rush all they want, I for one am going to enjoy my Turkey day, be thankful for something all 30 days of November, and look forward to Christmas…once December comes.

Your thoughts?


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