My Journey Along the Narrow Way

So, as usual, when I get really stressed busy, I tend to either get crazy or move inward into myself.  Since my last post, apparently I’ve been doing both.  Things are continuing to move on.  We have been extremely busy staying busy doing all the things busy people do:  work, work-out, hanging out with the family, trying to hold it all together.  One thing I have been able to do is to look forward to Bud coming home for vacation.  We finally got the date – 07/30/11 – and started the flurry of activity to prepare for Bud’s arrival.  As usual, I got a little manic trying to get everything that I had determined needed to be done before Bud’s arrival.

Finally the day arrived!  What was really strange to me is that by the night before I was TOTALLY nervous.  Strange.  This is my husband of 25 years I was waiting on.  But there it is…I was feeling as nervous as I did on our first date.

After about an hour wait, Bud finally came up the escalator!!!  Bella, Joey, and I were so excited to see Bud.  Poor Bud…he looked like he felt horrible.  We came to find out that he hadn’t slept in about 30 hours and he got some sort of food poisoning or something on the plane and had puked for six hours of the flight.  Needless to say, Bud wasn’t feeling his best.  Add to that some lost luggage in case that wasn’t enough.

However, a nice three hour nap in the car on the way home helped him tremendously.

Once Bud was home he was quickly mobbed by the dogs.  They were SO excited to see him.  So were his parents and assorted family and friends.

I had a fabulous week with Bud.  Of course, God couldn’t resist using this situation to sanctify me a little bit more.  I learned (after some stress) to just enjoy.  To quit planning, quit stressing when things didn’t go the way I envisioned, and just enjoy every moment we had together.  After I finally got that, it ended up being everything I hoped for.  However, it was much, much too short.  And the next thing we knew it was time for him to go again.  Both Bud and I were sad it was over so fast, but it was much easier this time as he should only be there for approximately 2 months.

I feel like we were given such a gift during this time together. It was so much fun to feel that nervousness and excitement from the beginning of our relationship.  Most people don’t get to feel that after 25 years of marriage and 31 years of being together.  It was wonderful to feel that again.

I thank God for the gift of my husband and I can’t wait until he’s back again!


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