My Journey Along the Narrow Way

Yesterday I was driving to work and praying as usual and I came to the realization that enough is enough. I decided I had to get back on South Beach and I had to get back to exercising.

I had some success with South Beach last fall, loosing 20 lbs. However, I stumbled when I went to California over Thanksgiving. When we returned home, we had just found out about Bud going to Korea and Miss Emotional Eater came for a visit and stayed with a vengeance. This is not something new – I struggle with emotional eating pretty much all of the time. Just let me get upset about something and see where I head. It’s not to talk to someone or pray or read my Bible, like it should be…it’s straight to the refrigerator or cabinet.

I’m going to be completely transparent here – this is a something I absolutely HATE. This is sin and I know it. This is relying on something other than God to help me deal with hurt, pain, worry, etc. And I am really and truly OVER IT. My health is suffering and my closet is bursting at the seams with multiple sizes of clothes.

So, before I could change my mind, I signed up at Planet Fitness for their $10.00/month membership, which is totally worth it. And last night I went with Bella and worked out. Sure, I whined and sweated like a pig, and felt like I was going to puke, but I did it. I made it 25 minutes on cardio (15 minutes on the bike and 10 minutes on the stepper)! I’m sore this morning but I’m going to do it.


Comments on: "I Like to Move it, Move it…" (2)

  1. debeyepps said:

    To be completely honest…I DO NOT like to move it, move it. But I’m gonna…

  2. debeyepps said:

    So I have determined that I have pulled an abdominal muscle. It’s pretty painful but I’m still going to workout tonight and just avoid anything that makes the muscle hurt.

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