My Journey Along the Narrow Way

So, I went to the doctor the other day for my yearly check-up. 

First I would like to say that I LOVE Dr. Dailey!  He is the best doctor I have ever seen.  After your lab work is done he actually sends you a letter with your lab report explaining it and giving his recommendations.  It’s so nice to actually have something in writing so you are not trying to remember everything the doctor is saying to you.

So…here’s the deal:

*  My cholesterol and triglycerides are still too high (C=251; T=170).  My LDL cholesterol is also high (163).   I will be taking some meds to lower my cholesterol since diet hasn’t seemed to help.

* My Vitamin D level is still a  low so I will continue to take supplements for that.

* Weight and BMI are too high – BIG surprise there (hahaha).  I guess the plan is diet and exercise (as usual).  We will see if it works this time.

Everything else looked good and aside for the things listed above, I am healthy.


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