My Journey Along the Narrow Way

For someone who hated even the thought of yardwork or gardening, I’ve now been working on my veggie garden for about 3-4 weeks and I LOVE it. I have also started learning a lot about what to do and NOT to do. All the plants have been growing by leaps and bounds. They especially seem to like this hot weather we have been having lately. I even had to go buy a few more cheap planters and transplant the tomatoes so they could really start to spread out.

I also learned that strawberries like LOTS of light. The topsy-turvey for the strawberries started out on the porch. I finally figured out they were dying one by one because they weren’t getting near enough light. So I moved the remaining ones (3 plants) to hanging off the fence near the rest of the garden and they seem to be doing much better.

We used seeds to plant celery and I’m pretty sure we planted way too much in a small place. They are just now coming out so I might need to cull some out before too long.

The squash is also growing like crazy. I have a bunch of plants at this point and no produce yet, but I think that’s exactly where everything should be at this point.  Several of the plants did start flowering this weekend so I’m taking that as a good sign.


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