My Journey Along the Narrow Way

I’ve never been someone you could consider a gardener. I never aspired to be one either. I didn’t like working in the yard and frankly didn’t really know how to garden. Every now and then I would get out the planters and buy some flowers and plant them; but that was pretty rare. I do have to say I’m a “Powerball Plower” on FarmTown on Facebook but somehow I don’t think that counts.

This past weekend all that changed. I had been pondering planting a garden for awhile. The thought of fresh vegetables has been calling me for several years. Bud’s parents have been growing veggies in their garden for several years and sharing the overflow with us. I have come to learn that nothing tastes quite as good as freshly grown produce.

Saturday I got up early and took Bella with me to Home Depot to purchase some plants. We got lots of veggies and some fruits too: several different kinds peppers, tomatoes, onions, herbs, watermelon, carrots, celery, etc. I don’t know a thing about this so I probably got some things that shouldn’t be planted now. However, I took the shotgun approach and just got some of everything. I also had some seeds that I used too. We even got a Topsy-Turvy planter for strawberries and one for peppers.

Bella and I spent hours digging in the dirt, planting, watering, etc. It was a blast. Bella eventually went inside to sleep (jet-lag). I continued “playing in the dirt.” There was something so basically satisfying in planting. Just pushing the seeds down in the rich dirt makes me feel good.

I can’t wait to see how excited I will be when the seeds start coming up. It all is a miracle…the beginning from a small seed, growing into a big plant that produces something to eat.

I will take some pictures soon and I plan to keep everyone posted. I don’t know how much of my plants will come up, but I am still glad I am now officially a “gardener.”


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  1. gardener…

    All the garden lover’ s plant flowers to see their garden bloom and visitors appreciate their hard work. Building a flower garden is not an easy task. Lot of planning and preparations has to be done before building a flower a garden….

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