My Journey Along the Narrow Way

Bella got back from Kenya safely last Wednesday afternoon. She had a wonderful, exciting trip and didn’t really want to come back. She is ready to get her last two semesters of school over with so she can go into full-time missions.

This trip has really seemed to confirm that in her mind. She is already starting to collect information on various mission agencies so she can start applying to go after graduation.

Of course, I’m excited for her but the thought of her possibly leaving the country for extended periods of time is hard. Bella and I do a lot of stuff together and have fun together and I miss that when she is gone. However, I made Bella promise me before she went on this trip last year that if she truly felt God’s call to missions that she wouldn’t let my tears over missing her affect her decision to go.

A couple of funny things happened while Bella was on her trip this year:

• Bella has gotten really good at bartering for goods in the market. Right before Bella left on the trip, she bought a hot pink watch to use as an alarm since she wouldn’t be taking her cell phone with her. At one of the markets, she was able to barter her pink watch for something she wanted. The funny thing was that the person who ended up with the watch was a middle-aged Kenyan man who promptly put it on! (For you Morningview folks, Bella’s description was: Think of Jim Smith with a hot pink watch on.)

• Some of the Kenyans occasionally get to watch TV or movies when they go to the big cities. One of the men that Bella met last year addressed them with a fist towards them and said: “Pound it”. Anyone who has teens or knows teens knows that a lot of them greet each other this way. According to Bella, it was quite funny.

• One of the boys felt something on his shoulder while he was dining. He thought it was someone just touching him on the shoulder. He finally turned to look and realized it had actually been a monkey stealing his waffle off of his plate. By the time he figured it out, the monkey was across the room eating the waffle.

Bella will be updating her bog with journal entries and pictures very soon. I’ll let you know when to start looking.


Comments on: "A Little of This and A Little of That…" (2)

  1. theworldofmojo said:

    Jim Smith with a hot pink watch. The mental picture of that is too much….

  2. debeyepps said:

    I think he should be required to wear one for the elder ordination.

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