My Journey Along the Narrow Way

A few years back, Bud really got into smoking cigars. He absolutely loved to smoke them. He actually still does but is more limited financially to buy them.

When Bud was really into the cigars, he became friends with one of the guys that ran one of the cigar shops in Montgomery. One day this guy, Keith, let Bud know that he had a private collection of Opus X cigars. These cigars are only made in a limited amount so they are hard to come by. Keith offered to let Bud buy two of the Opus X’s out of his private stash at the tune of $27.00 a piece.

Of course, I was not happy he spent $54.00 on cigars but he assured me that this was the only time he would do that.

So…all week Bud was thinking about when he would get to smoke his cigars. Finally the weekend came and Bud got his cigars out of his humidor. He set them on the table and went to find his cutter and the blow torch he called a lighter.

When he came back, the cigars were gone! We searched for them and low and behold, there was Bailey, one of our basset hounds face to the wall in the corner steadily eating something, which turned out to be said cigars.



Bud, understandably, went ballistic. By the time he got the cigars from Bailey, they were in pretty bad shape. I’ll have to hand it to Bud, he did still try to smoke one. However, there were so many holes in the cigar that smoke was just pouring out of all of them.

Bud eventually broke Bailey of cigars by “shotgunning” her with one which drove her nuts.

The funny thing is that a few weeks ago Bud bought a cigar to smoke (granted a cheap one) and sat in the glider out front to smoke it. Bailey and the other bassets came to the door to see what was up and the second Bailey got a wiff of cigar smoke, she took off running and wouldn’t come near the door again. I guess she’s not a fan of cigars anymore.


Comments on: "Have a Smoke On Me…" (1)

  1. theworldofmojo said:

    Well he could have waited to get them back ala Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke.

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