My Journey Along the Narrow Way

Between my Junior and Senior years of high school, I finally convinced my parents to let me move back to Alabama from California (for the whole story, see Falling in Love (or God’s Plan for my Life) part III). Once the decision was made I didn’t have a whole lot of time (maybe a month) to figure out what I was taking with me and getting everything packed for the move. I ended up packing two huge suitcases and I’m not talking about today’s suitcases, these were old monsters from my grandmother – that hard Samsonite luggage with the interior lining that looks like coffin lining.

I spent the whole month also trying to pick out just the right outfit for my reunion with Bud. I wanted to look just right since we hadn’t seen each other for a couple of months at that point. After much searching, I finally found the right outfit! I found these great hot pink pants and a white ruffled shirt with multi-colored stripes. I thought I looked fantastic!

They day for my departure arrived and I spent a lot of time trying to get ready. I had a day-long trip ahead of me (a plane ride from Ontario, CA to Dallas, TX then change not only planes but airlines, then another trip from Dallas, TX into Birmingham, AL). As the plane was about to come into Birmingham, I freshened up so I would look great for Bud.

So they picked me up and we lugged my massively heavy suitcases into the car and proceeded to drive to Montgomery. Bud’s family had decided to have a cookout in my honor. We got to his house and all three of his sisters, their families, and Bud’s parents were there for the cookout. Boy was I glad that I looked so spiffy with all these people there.

Bud and I fixed our plates of barbeque, baked beans, potato salad, deviled eggs, and a big ole glass of sweet tea. We decided we would sit outside on the picnic table to eat. Bud sat down and I decided to sit next to him. BIG MISTAKE!

The whole table flipped over as soon as I sat down. I’m lying on the ground with the picnic table on top of me as well as all that great barbecue, baked beans, potato salad, deviled eggs, and about a gallon of sweet tea.

So there I’m laying…a huge mess of food and tea with everyone in the family running out to stare! So much for a good impression. The funny thing is I think that really broke the ice. To this day someone will bring it up out of the blue.

And I will say there is probably a good reason my middle name ain’t grace cuz I sure don’t have any!



Comments on: "Lookin’ Good…" (2)

  1. theworldofmojo said:

    Okay I laughed out loud at that.

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