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What a Man…

I am so proud of my husband and very blessed to have him. You see, he is a “handy” kind of guy to have around. Recently, he has fixed several chairs that had broken, installed two ceiling fans, rewired an old phone jack to make a new wall socket, fixed my hammock stand (so I could lay in my new hammock for Mother’s Day), shaved a door so it would close properly, fixed multiple, torn screens around our house, and made a brand new screen for a window that has never had a screen. And this is just in the last month or so. I’m sure I’m forgetting something…

Bud and I in 2007

Bud and I in 2007

I feel so blessed to have a man who jumps right in and tries to fix whatever needs fixing. He always does it with such a servant’s heart too. I can’t imagine the amount of money we have saved over the years because of his talents.

I thank God all the time for the gift that He gave to me when He gave me Bud.

So…here’s to my “handy-man”! Thank you and I love you honey!


Comments on: "What a Man…" (4)

  1. debeyepps said:

    I forgot that he also fixed our gas grill which was not working correctly. I’m sure that I can think of some more. All that was from the last month. In the past he has also sheet rocked, painted (which he detests), paneled, etc.

    He also installed a louvered door for our laundry room this morning BEFORE GOING TO WORK! Again…what a man!

  2. theworldofmojo said:

    He’s a great caller on talk radio too!!!

    We love the Epps family!!!

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