My Journey Along the Narrow Way

I think that God has been seeing where my heart really lies for the past few months…

Bella has been preparing for a second mission trip to Africa in June. Last year the money came in fairly quickly and consistently and literally Bella’s “cup runneth over.” This year that has not been the case.

Of course, we understand that economic times are tough. And Bella pretty much made the decision about a month ago that she was going on mission to Africa no matter what and is planning to take out a loan to secure whatever funds she needs to go. But Bud and I have been struggling about this issue as well.

You see, Bud and I received around $3000 back from income taxes this year. When the time came to purchase the airline tickets, we decided to go ahead and pay the $1900+ for Bella and then get the money back as she got donations. We knew that if she waited to purchase her tickets, she ran the risk of not being on the same flight with everyone else in the group. None of us wanted her on airplanes in three countries for 24+ hours all by herself.

That left us roughly $1000 of our income tax. We had decided before we ever got the refund that we were going to use the money to visit my Dad and stepmother in California. I haven’t been able to see them since May of 2005 when Bella graduated. They were going to try and come for a visit for Joey’s graduation in May of 2008, but my Dad has Rheumatoid Arthritis and is taking chemotherapy and is unable to travel.

Bud and I had made the decision to visit them as a last, great family vacation before the kids moved out. However, with only $1000 left, and not many donations coming in to pay all of the airplane money we spent back, we now wouldn’t be able to buy plane tickets to California, much less do any of the other things we wanted to do while we were there.

Today, in my prayer time, I felt like God was bringing me to the point of needing to forgive Bella the debt that she owed us for the tickets. Bud texted me while I was at work and was basically being led the same way. We both prayed and decided that while visiting my parents was a good thing…God’s will is the best thing.

So…where is my heart? It is with doing the Great Commission. It is with trusting God and His will and watching where it leads. Somehow, I don’t think we’ll be disappointed.


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