My Journey Along the Narrow Way

The Flood…

I haven’t written anything because I’ve just been completely surprised about the power of the water and flooding that came into Montgomery and the surrounding areas yesterday.

I know that our church suffered water damage and flooding as did other churches.  I also know that at least one family in our church had some flooding at their house. We had a lightening strike in our next door neighbor’s backyard that fried our TV. But thankfully no one was hurt – both kids were home at the time.

Just looking at all of this water brings to mind the floods that were over the earth during the days of Noah. Our God is a consuming fire!

Believers need to look at the power of this small, regional event and remember that this world will one day end. God’s judgments will destroy the earth and we know not when.

This type of event should drive us back to the cross and God’s mercy again. We should remember the sacrifice made so that we do not have to be crushed under the wrath of our Holy God.


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  1. theworldofmojo said:

    Yesterday was some more day to be sure. I was thinking last night about things like this, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and just how powerless we are compared to to the hand of God.

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