My Journey Along the Narrow Way

When Bella was in 11th grade she was going to the BEST competition for school. She and two friends (Neal and Michael) decided to do a video for the competition. In their video, they were doing a Christian version of a very inappropriate MTV student show…let’s just say it’s what donkeys are called in the Bible.

The video took a couple of weeks to do. One night they decided to videotape a bunch of stunts. One of the first things that they did was drive Bella’s 1967 Mustang convertible out to Garrett Coliseum and do donuts in the middle of the parking lot. Neal went round and round until he finally flooded the car. Of course, one of the others was video taping the whole thing.

Another thing they did was to sneak through four different yards onto the Bonnie Crest Country Club and go golfing at 11:45 at night.

Finally, a few days later, they got the brilliant idea of toilet papering (or rolling as we southerners call it), one of their teacher’s yard. Mr. Lawrence – or L-Dawg as he liked to be called – was one of the younger, fun teachers. Bella absolutely always loved Mr. Lawrence as a teacher. He was one of those teachers who made learning fun.

So at around 10:00 p.m. one night, they went to roll the yard and video tape it.

Bella & Joey

Bella & Joey

At the time, Bella was 16, Neal and Michael were around 15, and Joey (Bella’s brother) was around 13 or so. They brought Joey along so he could videotape the process of the other three rolling the yard.  Also, Joey and Bella tend to be “partners in crime.”

They did a great job of it. Not only did they totally cover the three trees in the yard, they also weaved the toilet paper on the grass. The two boys went from side to side, and Bella went up and down and wove her TP into the boy’s TP. They also shaving creamed the entire driveway and sidewalk. This whole process took around 45 minutes. And they weren’t even caught during this whole time!

Bella was driving my mini-van so if someone looked out and saw them leaving her car wouldn’t be there and recognized. Since they knew Mr. Lawrence wouldn’t know my car, they decided to honk the horn and yell as they left.

Wow! A perfectly executed stunt…or was it? Suddenly, Michael realized he didn’t have his dad’s work cell phone that he had given him “just in case.” They figured it must be in the bottom of the car or something so they called it. No answer and they didn’t hear it ring. So they called again and guess who answered? You guessed it! Mr. Lawrence! After they left and honked and hollered, Mr. Lawrence had come outside to look at the handiwork in his yard. While he was surveying the damage, he heard a phone ringing and quickly located it.

He talked to Michael and told him whoever had done this to his yard had to come back and undo it in order to get the cell phone back. So back they went. What took 45 minutes to accomplish, now took at least twice as long to take down. Joey videotaped the whole process again, but so did Mr. Lawrence, all the while laughing at the three students, all under 5 foot 3 then, trying to get down the stuff that was high in the trees.

Mr. Lawrence wasn’t mad…he thought the whole thing was pretty hilarious. So much so that he never would give the videotape to Bella and her friends and to this day, still tells his students about it.

A second, funny thing happened several years later regarding that night. Bella was at work one day talking about Mr. Lawrence and the whole rolling incident when her boss started asking about him. Come to find out that Mr. Scott Lawrence, Bella’s teacher, was actually the cousin of Mr. David Lawrence, Bella’s boss. And it gave both Mr. Lawrences quite a lot to talk about over Thanksgiving dinner last year!


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