My Journey Along the Narrow Way

We have a sweet, sweet basset hound by the name of Beau. Unlike our other doggies, we got Beau in a unique manner.

Me and Beau - 2008

Me and Beau - 2008

On the 4th of July a few years ago, we were invited to go to a friend’s house to celebrate Independence Day. As usual, Bud and I had forgotten to pick up something we needed to take with us so we decided to stop by Oaktree and pick it up. As we drove up to Oaktree, Bud saw a basset hound sitting under the flower rack at the front of the store.

As we walked up to where the dog was, we noticed that something was going on with the dog. He seemed to be panting hard and foaming at the mouth. We were concerned that the dog might have rabies or had been struck by a car or something.

Besides all this, he was a really sweet, friendly doggie. He interacted with us. But we could see he must have been a stray for awhile because he was extremely thin, his coat was unkempt, and he was dirty.
I started crying and Bud sent me into the store to get the things we needed and to try and find some water for the dog. I quickly picked up our stuff and found a worker who brought a bowl with some water out for the doggie. By the time I got back outside, the dog seemed to be calmer and over whatever was wrong with him when we first arrived.

Now we could really see what a sweet personality this dog had. We tried to call the humane shelter but they were closed (thank goodness!). Bud and I decided at this point to take the dog home and at least take care of him until we could get in touch with someone at the humane shelter the next day. So we took him home, into the nice cool air-conditioned house, put him in our bathroom with some blankets on the floor to sleep on, and brought him some food and water. We then had to leave to go on to our friend’s house.
All day I thought of this poor creature. On the way home that evening, Bud and I wondered if this dog would even be alive when we got home, but we were glad that no matter what, at least he had some food and water and a comfortable place in which to rest.

Beau in his usual sleeping position

Beau in his usual sleeping position

When we got home, the dog was still alive and actually seemed to be in much better shape. Bella had returned home by that time and she and I decided that we had to do something to clean him up and get rid of the fleas we could see on his skinny little body. So we filled up the bathtub and started to give him a bath. As soon as we started washing him with flea shampoo, dead fleas begin floating in the bathtub. We determined that there were a lot on his tail so I set about washing that. As I held it up and scrubbed up and down, blood was pouring down his tail as were thousands of fleas. You could tell that the dog just loved the bath. And as soon as we started drying him off, he seemed to feel so much better. During his bath, we also noticed some signs of abuse, including an area of skin that no hair would grow on from where he had apparently been chained up.

After his bath, we took him into the living room with the other dogs, to start getting him acquainted with everyone. He seemed very shy and kept hiding behind the recliner, but we persisted and soon our other two basset hounds Bailey and Blossom had started the slow process of friendship.
That night we fed him again and then put a doggie bed in the corner of our bedroom and let him sleep with us. In the middle of the night I woke up and decided to check on him. He was sound asleep on the doggie bed on his back with all four feet straight up in the air. I think that is when I fell in love with him! In the morning I told Bud to go take down all the “Found Dog” flyers he had put up the night before while we were giving the dog a bath. He was ours and we named him Beauregard.

Beau, as we call him, is a wonderful dog. He is so happy to be here and loves us so much. He really brings us so much joy everyday.

So…why am I telling you all about Beau in my post? Because Beau is such a picture of God’s seeking and saving us. Like Beau, we were dirty, sick, and helpless. But God, in His wonderful mercy, saw us in our dirtiness and our need and loved us anyway. Romans 5:8 says, “But God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Like Beau, we could do nothing to help ourselves. Like Beau we would just lie in our dirtiness until someone came and helped us.

Bella & Beau - Merry Christmas

Bella & Beau - Merry Christmas

Every time I see Beau, I think of this wonderful truth. And think of the words to a well-loved hymn….”Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now I’m found, was blind but now I see.”


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