My Journey Along the Narrow Way

So back to the wedding….

I set about planning a wedding by myself. Bud’s mom tried to help but I had been forewarned by Bud’s three sisters that their mom wasn’t above calling the florist or cakemaker back and changing colors or designs after the fact. Therefore, I had to keep all my plans pretty secret to make sure nothing was tampered with. I was pretty clueless about how to plan a wedding, plus I was pretty broke. I had already decided that since my dad was going to have to pay for airfare for two from California to Alabama, I wasn’t going to ask him to pay for much of my wedding.

Bud and I got married on June 21, 1986. I was 21 years old, he had just

On our wedding day

On our wedding day

turned 22 three days before. It was a sweet little ceremony with about 100 guests in the chapel at Capitol Heights Baptist Church. Bud’s cousin – Carl Head, Jr. – married us. For those of you at Morningview Baptist Church, Carl is Emily Head Dudley’s dad. I was so nervous at the ceremony but not because I was getting married. I was nervous because everyone was going to be turning around and staring at me as I walked down the aisle. My dad was so funny…the whole time we were walking down the aisle (and I was shaking like a leaf) he just patted my hand and murmured under his breath over and over, “that’s ok, you don’t have to do this, we can turn around and not do this, no one would say anything”.

I finally made it to the front of the church and everything went well except Bud ended up standing on part of my train and when it came time to kneel and pray he was waiting for me to move first and I couldn’t move. I was trying to tell him to get off my dress but he was in a daze. Also my maid of honor dropped Bud’s ring and it rolled away. It was quite funny because she is 6 feet tall and she was trying to inconspicuously reach with her foot to drag it back to pick it up. Again, Bud was so oblivious he doesn’t even remember any of this.

Bud and I went to Cheaha for our honeymoon. We were only able to take about 5 days because Bud was still in school and we both needed to get back to work.

We settled in to married life. It was so much fun! We started painting rooms in our house on Winona Avenue and buying a piece or two of furniture. We had decided not to start a family until Bud graduated from collage but God decided otherwise. December of 1986, six months after we were married, I found out that I was pregnant!

We were very happy but Bud was a little freaked out about still being in collage. He ended up quitting his job with his dad and going to work at the slaughterhouse since he could make a lot more money there and we could pay off all our bills before the baby came. He also kicked it into high gear at AUM.

I was extremely sick throughout my whole pregnancy. Morning sickness nothing…I had all day and night sickness. I would puke until I popped blood vessels in my eyes. At that time, they had taken one medicine for nausea during pregnancy off the market but not replaced it with anything so there wasn’t much to be done for it. But I didn’t have a lot of leave at work so I struggled to make it every day.

Part VI coming soon…


Comments on: "Falling in Love (or God’s Plan for My Life), Part V…" (2)

  1. theworldofmojo said:

    Debey, I am addicted to this story. I checked four times today before the new post was published.

  2. debeyepps said:

    I can’t believe my life is so interesting to someone 😉

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