My Journey Along the Narrow Way

So there I was in California and Bud in Alabama and both getting into too much trouble. We started working on convincing our parents to let me move to Alabama and live with Bud’s parents for my senior year of high school. We knew that Bud’s parents would NEVER let him move to California so we thought this was our best bet. After a month or two or begging and pleading, and a couple of times coming home drunk and falling all over the place (on both of our parts), our parents finally agreed.

I moved back to Alabama a couple of weeks before my senior year. I still can’t believe my parents let me go even to this day. I think they just knew that something really bad was going to eventually happen to one of us at the rate we were going.

I moved into Bud’s youngest sister’s bedroom with her. After awhile suffice it to say that Bud’s sister, Jeanmarie, and I could not get a long. I offered to sleep on the couch but Bud’s dad would have none of that. So I moved into Bud’s bedroom and Bud slept on the couch for the next nine months. My parents also had to make Bud’s parents my legal guardians in order to get me into school. As strange as all of this was, Bud and I were deliriously happy. We were together again!

In May of 1983 I graduated from high school. I immediately moved out of Bud’s parent’s house and into the house on Winona Avenue that Bud’s grandfather had built that they stilled owned. Bud was going to AUM but I couldn’t afford to go to college. My parents were helping me with school a little bit but I needed to be able to make money in order to pay rent, utilities, etc. I was so poor, I would eat popcorn for supper every night Bud didn’t take me on a date or over to his parent’s house. It was cheap and filling!

Soon, I begin to go to school at Massey-Draughon business college during the day and continued working at Hancock Fabrics at night like I did my senior year. After nine months I “graduated” and got my first “real” job at Montgomery Area United Way.

Bud was still at AUM and working with his dad in his cabinet shop. Bud was basically meandering through college. He kept changing his major. We had planned to get married after he finished with collage but for awhile I wasn’t sure that he ever would finish with collage. He had finally settled on a major of Secondary Education with minors in Math and Science. Eventually he started his student teaching and HATED it – and changed his major again. It was the last straw for me. I threw down an ultimatum and we set a wedding date of June 21, 1986. We had been dating for six years by this point…and been engaged for three years.

Part IV coming soon…


Comments on: "Falling in Love (or God’s Plan for My Life), Part III…" (2)

  1. bella said:

    ps….. you might want to spell check college. 🙂 you dont want everyone to know you really didnt go. jk

  2. debeyepps said:

    Thanks for catching my misspelling. I guess if I would have been able to go to college I would have learned how to spell it =-)

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