My Journey Along the Narrow Way

So there I was, in Montgomery, Alabama of all places, just miserable as could be. My mom had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and my whole family was devastated. And I had to start a new school AGAIN since I was starting high school. I had maybe one friend and I was very lonely. I started at Robert E. Lee High School in August of 1980. A few weeks after I started, I had made a bunch of friends (mostly guys). Probably getting contacts and getting my braces off didn’t hurt. =-)

Because my mom was so sick, I had to ride the bus to and from school every day. I absolutely HATED it. I begged every day not to ride the bus. It was soooooo uncool, plus none of the friends I made rode on my bus.

One day I’m riding home on the bus and I notice this guy staring at me. Not just looking, not just glancing…but STARING. It embarrassed me which in turn made me mad. Well, wouldn’t you know it, this guy just kept popping up all over the place after that. I saw him everywhere at school. I really didn’t like him. He was annoying and just the most redneck person you would ever meet. I mean…really…his name was Bud, how redneck is that? Not my type at all. I tried to ignore him but anyone who has ever met Bud knows how persistent he is. He just talked and talked and flirted and flirted until he just wore me down. Eventually we became friends, then best friends, and then we started dating.

At this point I was in tenth grade and Bud was in eleventh. We dated through that whole year and fell madly in love. After about a month of dating, I knew this was who I was going to marry. Everyone else wasn’t so sure about that, but I was.

And then my dad got transferred again. Back to California. I was devastated, as was Bud. By now, Bud knew we were meant to be. He gave me a promise ring and we determined to stay together no matter what. We moved right before I started eleventh grade and Bud his senior year. Boy did the snot fly on the five day car trip to California. I cried and cried and cried.

The next year was horrible for both of us. We were both miserable and made everyone around us miserable too. We wrote all the time and called when we could. I remember a couple of $400 phone bills that my mom had to hide from my dad until I could work enough hours at the fabric store I worked at to pay her back. We both started going out and drinking with our friends a lot. I had always been an A/B student and one report card I made straight D’s. I was doing just enough not to fail and no more. Bud was getting wilder and wilder drinking with his buddies and skipping school. I came to visit for two weeks at Christmas but that really just made it worse. Both Bud and I cried when I left.

Bud came out to California to visit for two weeks after his graduation. We had so much fun! We went to the beach, to the mountains, to Disneyland, and to an all day concert at the Rose Bowl. But when it was time for him to go……it was horrible. We were both crying….miserable….. We knew that we couldn’t last another year until I graduated from high school. With our drinking and acting up our parents were getting really concerned.

Part III coming soon!


Comments on: "Falling in Love (or God’s plan for my life), Part II…" (2)

  1. theworldofmojo said:

    Debey I am enjoying your story. I can’t wait until part III. Thanks for outing Bud for crying.

  2. debeyepps said:

    I’m glad you are enjoying. I have been surprised by how fun (and hard) this has been to write.

    I’ll try to continue to mention everytime Bud cries as I go on…. =-)

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