My Journey Along the Narrow Way

I’ve been trying to figure out what is up with our weather…..

I mean in the past couple of weeks we have had extremely cold weather, shorts weather, tornados, snow, shorts weather again, torrential rain, and back to shorts weather again. It’s no wonder I have a head cold I can’t get rid of. I’m sure that my sinuses are just fed up with the daily weather change.

I will have to say though…I love Spring. I like Summer too. I guess I’m just a warm-weather girl. I think I like Spring so much because of everything coming back to life. Just watching all the bare trees start sprouting their leaves once again, the flowers begin blooming, and seeing all the birds and squirrels running around makes me happy. It reminds me of how things are with us as well.

When we have unrepentant sin we experience a lack of closeness from God. Until we repent and repair our relationship with God, there is a time of Winter in our relationship. It’s cold and distant and not satisfying to our soul.

But then we repent….and just like Spring there is new life in our relationship. The relationship blooms between us and our heavenly Father. The light illuminates our soul. The fruit in our lives just begins to bloom. Oh, the lovingkindness and forgiveness of our loving Father God!

So I just have to remember – no matter what the weather is doing outside – I can always have the newness and life of Springtime in my soul. Thank you my Father!!!


Comments on: "It’s Spring again…" (1)

  1. theworldofmojo said:

    Debey, what an absolutely beautiful post. I can tell I’m gonna love your blog.

    BTW: spring is my favorite two weeks of the year too.

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